Caribbean Tango
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Excerpt from Caribbean Tango:

“Dance with me one last time, McKenzie,” he
whispered against her ear. “Like you did every night on
the dance floor.”
 She tipped her head back and stared into his eyes,
barely discernable in the deep shadows where they
stood. Once again, an awareness of being at home in
his arms filled her.    Dangerous thoughts swamped her
as she inhaled the combined scent of the sea air and
his masculinity.
 Even as she considered his request, his body began
to move. She should refuse him, but she couldn’t. His
fingers grasped hers, drawing her closer, and his thigh
insinuated itself between her legs. The thin material of
her flowing beach dress wasn’t barrier enough to the
searing heat of him.
With no music to guide them, only the swooshing of
distant waves and the muted sounds from slot
machines dinging nearby as they were played in the
casino, McKenzie swayed against Riley and began to
dance a slow tango. A sensuous beat played between
them, lulling her into an erotic trance.
She could feel every part of him as he swirled her
around the deck. His leg against hers. His hip bumping
and grinding into her pelvis, making her aware of his
erection as it pulsed against her. The erotic touch of his
fingers when he caressed her wrists.
The heated sizzle of his breath fanned her face, so
close to her lips. She lifted her head and gazed into his
eyes, captivated by the look he gave her. Riley had
seduced her into his arms, and tonight she couldn’t
deny him.

They’d enjoyed a whirlwind affair as their cruise ship sailed from port to port,
but Riley Fletcher, the ship’s security agent, couldn’t forget that beautiful
McKenzie Bailey was his prime suspect in a jewelry theft. Magical nights were
spent in each other’s arms, getting to know each other—and the harder it
became for him to turn her in.

Unaware of Riley’s suspicions, McKenzie fell in love with him...until he had her
arrested. Now exonerated, she’s angry and confronts the man she thought
she could trust. But he sideswipes her with a request for one, final erotic
dance on the deck. Will she be able to resist the sexy Riley as they tango in
the dark?