Cady Monroe needs someone for a home remodeling project and construction
company owner Tanner Doyle seems the best man for the job. The problem is, he
was her late husband’s best friend and she shouldn’t be having these wicked
thoughts about him.

Can she trust him?

Can she trust herself?

Cady shouldn’t be attracted to bad boy Tanner. He’s trouble with a “T” and she
doesn’t want to become another notch on his tool belt. Resisting him flies out the
door as time spent in her kitchen soon turns to nights spent in her bed. But when
Cady learns a secret Tanner has been hiding from her, will she be able to forgive
him? What about the secret Cady’s carrying inside her?

Or, will their love be more than enough to sustain in Reconstructing Cady?
Reconstructing Cady by Holli Winters

The Sweeter Side of Steamy Romance


Tanner Doyle stood on the threshold, a smile flickering on his sexy mouth as he
gazed at Cady. Dark hair, tousled and desperately in need of a haircut, fell across
his forehead. A deep tan from working outside accented his handsome face. He
wore faded dark denim jeans and a black t-shirt.

On most men, his look would be considered straightforward, but on Tanner it made
him as tempting as sin.

“Hello Cady.”

Simple words, but her tongue remained stuck to the roof of her mouth. Even after
all these years his voice still caused shivers to run down her spine. His husky,
sensuous voice could make a woman do just about anything.

“Hello, Tanner,” she replied, trying to keep her voice even.

“Got a table?”

He smiled as he said the words, and Cady’s heart fluttered. Damn him for making
her feel this way.

She inhaled his masculine smell, loving the way he didn’t try to mask the scent with
after shave. A sudden urge to hop onto the nearest table and spread her thighs
wide startled her. She closed her eyes to push aside the wicked thoughts, but
instead envisioned his hand dipping underneath her uniform. He’d brush the hot,
damp curls between her legs, tormenting her. Teasing her into submission.

“Cady? Are you okay?”

Her eyes popped open, forcing herself to focus on him and not her naughty
thoughts. In a daze, she looked past him, surprised to see him alone. “Just one

He studied her for a moment, then replied, “Yep. Can I have the table in the

She followed his gaze to the secluded table they normally left reserved for staff.
Today had been such a harried day none of them had yet to get a breather.

“Are you sure that table will be okay? There were better tables in the cafe than this
and I can clear off the dirty ones.”

“This is fine with me.”

She nodded and led the way to the table. A few people greeted Tanner as he walked
by, but he didn’t stop to linger.

“Here you go,” she said, laying the menu down.

Tingles of sensation shot up her arm when he brushed against her, and she willed
her body not to quiver.

“Coffee today?” she asked him as he settled into his seat.

“Sure, Sugar, and bring me the special.” Whiskey-colored eyes crinkled as he

She stared at him as erotic visions began again. What was wrong with her today?
Tanner was the last man she needed to get involved with. He’s a love ‘em and leave
‘em type.

“Huh? What did you say?”

She realized she must’ve muttered the words out loud. For most ladies, he only
needed to say the word and they got what they wanted. Tanner in their bed.

But Cady Monroe didn’t plan that to happen. She wasn’t falling for Tanner.

He still watched her and Cady suspected he was trying to read her mind. Pushing
away her dangerous thoughts, she smiled at him blandly. “Nothing. I was just
wondering if you wanted soup or salad with the special.”
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