She glanced at the grim-faced sheriff’s deputy
over her shoulder. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize
how fast I was going.” Dark-haired and about six
feet tall, he wore dark sunglasses which hid his
eyes. She knew most of the lawmen in the area,
but he was unknown to her.

“There wasn’t another car for miles around.”
Maybe she’d be able to cajole him into letting her
off easy.

“Except mine,” he replied. “Guess it’s not your
lucky day.”
His tone, though mild, sounded firm, with a touch
of a southern drawl. Around this neck of the
woods in California, one didn’t meet many true-
blue Southerners. She eyed the deputy again,
and a thrill of anticipation swept through her. If
she had a choice of any man’s hands on her
right now, he’d be the one.

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