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Two years ago, Brady and Macy kissed and walked on the edge of giving into
their desire, but the time was not right. She was newly widowed after the
death of her abusive husband, who was also Brady's cousin. Now it's Christmas
Eve in the midst of a snow storm. Macy heads to Brady's bar for a drink and
ends up stranded when the storm turns into a blizzard. Now, she's trapped
with a man she's wanted for a long, long time...and the timing couldn't be

One night of passion isn't enough for Brady, but can he convince Macy they
have more going for them than just the desire that's been simmering for
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Alone with a man she can’t forget...

Two years ago, Lauren and Nic kissed at the wedding of her sister to his
brother, but she couldn’t face the prospect of being only a one-night stand
for racecar driver Nic and turned him down.  Now they’re headed to his family’
s French Chateau on Christmas Eve, where a fierce snowstorm has stranded
them in a hotel room alone.

It’s up to him to convince her that she’s the woman he’s always desired...

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Natalie Joyner didn't expect her solitary highway drive to turn into the hottest
sex she could remember having. Then again, she hadn't expected to run into
Deputy Sheriff Logan Sheffield. She savors their sizzling passion in the blazing
heat. Little does she know that he intends for what they had to be so much
more than A Summer Drive..
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Cady Monroe needs someone for a home remodeling project and construction
owner Tanner Doyle seems the best man for the job. The problem is that he
was her late husband’s best friend and she shouldn’t be having these wicked
thoughts about him.

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Caribbean Tango:

A hot romance on a cruise ship turns south when she's accused of theft. He
wants to make amends on their last night on the ship. Can he convince her
that she's the only one he wants to tango with?

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Paris by Moonlight
One night with a stranger was the best present she could give
herself for Christmas..

Lani Sinclair arrived in Paris for the wedding of her best friend,
but she soon met Luc Arceneau and the sparks of desire fly
between them.  When an ice storm traps them in the hotel,
neither can deny the attraction. A hot night of passion follows,
and while Lani convinces herself that all she wants is a
temporary, anonymous affair, will it be enough? How will she
react when she learns Luc’s secret...and that he wants more than
a Christmas fling?

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