A Purrfect Love
Spice up your life reading!

Molly, a black Persian cat, has a few tricks in mind
when she goes on a mission to bring together a
couple who are just purr-fect for each other.


Last thing Marisa Hamilton needs is her cat, Molly,
going out onto the window ledge. Dressed in a
skimpy outfit for a Halloween party, Marisa chases
after her cat, only to lose her footing.  


New next door neighbor, Ben Singer, comes to
Marisa’s rescue and offers her coffee and a
chance to recover from her ordeal. More than just
coffee sizzles between them. Will their chance
encounter result in A Purrfect Love?
A Purrfect Touch!

Cat on another mission… Molly the matchmaking cat from A Purrfect
Love is back…with a little help from a furry friend.

Jock in Hiding Gets Trapped… Brock Singer is on the outs with the
football fans and isn’t looking for love, but ends up stranded on top
of an apartment building in nothing but a robe. Good thing for him
that he has company…

With a Teacher having her own clothing issues… Jennifer
Thompson takes her poodle Chewie for a walk before heading to a
school Easter party she isn’t looking forward to and ends up trapped
with Brock. Can she prevent herself from falling for Chicago’s sexiest

With no way off, will Molly and Chewie show they have a purrfect
touch when it comes to helping two people find love together?


"A PURRFECT TOUCH glows with good humor as Molly
the matchmaking cat strikes again.

Patti Fischer writes with a light touch and a warm heart.

Purrfectly delightful!"

Carrie Alexander, Harlequin author